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We offer both sports massage and deep tissue massage at our Edinburgh clinic so we can take the best possible care of your health. By adding massage to your treatment plan now, you’ll feel the health benefits far into the future.
We offer two types of massage at our clinic:

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a form of massage that incorporates firm and lighter pressures to muscle and connective tissues (tendons and ligaments). Deep tissue massage uses various techniques such as stripping which involves firm sustained pressure up the length of the muscle tissue with the intention of invoking relaxation and desensitisation. Deep tissue massage will help reduce pain, swelling and stress, increase ranges of motion, and blood flow to muscle tissue to promote healing and recovery. 

Deep tissue massage can also be used for a maintenance or relaxation perspective and can be used to help with symptoms of conditions like osteoarthritis. Moderate pressure can reduce arthritis pain and ease tension, making it easier for those with arthritis to move around. It can also help with sleep issues by alleviating pain that may keep arthritis patients awake at night. However, it should be noted that this effect is short-term relief and will not cure arthritis. 

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is excellent for athletes of all kinds, from elite athletes to weekend warriors. During the sports massage session, your therapist will consult with you regarding what you are looking to get from the massage and if there are specific areas that require attention. Equally, we will take into consideration if you are competing in the following days after a session as this will determine how firm and deep the treatment will be so it does not impact performance. Techniques used in sports massage may differ from those used in deep tissue massage, with techniques like ‘trigger pointing’ and ‘pin and stretch’ implemented as appropriate.

Sports massage can be used as a technique to enhance preparation for an event and reduce recovery time to ensure the athlete performs at their maximum during training or after an event. Athletes have discovered that a tailored sports massage programme promotes flexibility, can reduce fatigue, gives improvements in endurance, aids in injury prevention and prepares their bodies for peak performance.

As an example of the benefits, a study in 2010 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research discovered that even a massage as short as 30 seconds improved the range of motion in the hip flexors. Also, Margaret Jones, PhD from the American College of Sports Medicine, demonstrated a trend toward reduced muscle soreness for athletes that received massage either pre or post-exercise. Therefore, if you take part in regular sporting activities, sports massage once a week or every other week may be a great addition to your normal regimen.

What is the difference between Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage?

It is a very common question that we get here at Move freely but simply put, deep tissue massage is often administered to a larger area, more general body massage, rather than focusing on a specific area of the body.

Whereas, sports massage, on the other hand, is a targeted massage approach that focuses on specific areas of the body that are in need of healing or relief.

Our clinic is based in Edinburgh city centre, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you are unsure as to what type of massage would be most appropriate for you or the issue you’re struggling with. 


Sports or Deep Tissue Massage60 mins£70
6 x 60mins Follow Up Sports or Deep Tissue Massages£330 ( £90 saving )