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Elbow Pain Clinic Edinburgh

Elbow Pain

The elbow joint is a commonly injured area especially among sportspeople and manual workers. The most common cause of elbow pain is overuse with tasks of repetitive nature (e.g. racket sports, throwing, weight lifting, repetitive use of screw driver to name a few!). At Move Freely, we are skilled at treating overuse injuries of the elbow and have a particular emphasis on long-term solutions.

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Shoulder Pain

Each shoulder problem has its own pattern of symptoms, most conditions make it painful to use or move your shoulder, but some make your shoulder feel stiff. Our highly skilled team of Physiotherapists are trained to accurately assess the shoulder and to treat your pain effectively

Hip Pain Clinic Edinburgh

Hip Pain

Hip pain is common and spread across all age groups . Sometimes recreation or sports puts repetitive strain on the hip causing pain. Because the hip is a major weight bearing joint, arthritis of the hip is a common problem. Get expert physiotherapy treatment for Hip at Movefreely Edinburgh

Knee pain clinic Edinburgh

Knee Pain

Knee pain or knee injuries are extremely common, and there are many causes. Knee pain can arise from soft tissue injuries eg ligament sprains and muscle strains, bone conditions, knee arthritis and bio-mechanical dysfunction. For advice specific to you and your knee pain, book appointment with Movefreely Expert

Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain

An ankle sprain is a common injury, often caused when the ankle is forced to bend or can come in the many forms, such as tendinitis, ankle sprains, arthritis & shin splints. Book appointment to regain normal ankle motion.

What Patients Say

I am someone who is very familiar with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths etc thanks to a long term pelvic misalignment. A lot of these people have helped me considerably, but with Daniel and his biomechanics background, it goes much further. He has an ability to find the root cause of the problem and accurately treat it.
For anyone with back problems, I can promise you results with TAMARS. It’s amazing and the one treatment (from many I have tried!) that keeps me on my feet. Daniel takes a whole body approach too, so you can expect a rigorous set of exercises to maintain your good results. Make an appointment … You owe it to yourself!

More To Explore

What is Spondylolisthesis?

What is Spondylolisthesis?

Spondylolisthesis is where one of the vertebrae slips forwards, this causes instability in the spine and can cause pain.

It most commonly occurs in the lower back but can also happen in the mid to upper back and the neck.

Does bending your back cause back pain?

Does bending your back cause back pain?

We have all been told “don’t bend your back like that”, “sit up straight” or “keep your back straight when you lift”?But is this true? Should we be afraid to bend over? Will our spines all break if we don’t keep them straight or is it just part of normal life?

Here’s what we teach to our back pain patients every day at Move Freely and why we are doing it differently from most Physiotherapy clinics.