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What is deep tissue laser therapy



Laser Therapy is clinically proven as an effective treatment for pain and inflammation.  Able to penetrate to deep tissue structures, it has the ability to treat a wide variety of both acute and chronic conditions.

LightForce™ Therapy Lasers are the preferred therapy lasers of professional sports.


Over 50 Professional and collegiate athletic teams use LightForce Therapy Lasers.  LightForce is the exclusive laser therapy partner of the University of Florida Gators.  It is also utilized by USA Track/Field, USA Basketball, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, WNBA and throughout collegiate sports to reduce recovery times and get their athletes back in action and performing at their optimal level.


Patients feel a soothing warmth as laser energy gently penetrates tissue and boosts your body’s own regeneration powers to relieve your pain.  Treatments are painless and fast (5 to 10 min).

Results can be immediate but the most observed results are after 3 to 5 treatment sessions.  The body continues to benefit from the effects of the therapy for 18-24 hours after treatment.  During this time, modulated cellular activity leads to decreased pain and inflammation.


Providing a solution that did not exist before, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has become a preferred by those who have long sought relief without success.  Its ability to impact pain on a cellular level provides pain relief for complex and simple conditions alike.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy effectively treats pain and inflammation associated with:


  • Sprains & Strains

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Sports Injuries

  • Tendonitis & Tendonosis

  • Shoulder & Knee

  • Hand & Wrist Injuries

  • Foot & Ankle Conditions

  • And Much More

Contact us today for an introductory evaluation to determine if Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is right for you.   Get back in action today, with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

If you are interested in DEEP TISSUE LASER THERAPY please book an initial physio/ sports therapy assessment or follow up physio if you are currently in care at the clinic:

Laser therapy is provided as part of a physiotherapy appointment and is not a stand-alone treatment.



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