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Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen – I-ON

Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen - I-ON

Tried and tested: Kinetisense

Office life is a comfortable way to make a living, but being a desk jockey can be detrimental to your health – as I recently discovered at Move Freely Sports Therapy, Edinburgh, the first clinic in Scotland to offer Kinetisense.

In layman’s terms Kinetisense is cutting edge 3D motion tracking software that accurately measures 44 movements from eight joints, neck and back (KAMS test). The treatment begins with you performing seven physical tests in front of a camera and then your movements and posture being analysed on screen by Move Freely sports therapist Daniel.

For me, the tests revealed stiffness in my mid back, tight, stiff and weak hips, poor balance and poor core stability. The posture assessment revealed my shoulders and hips were 6cm and 7cm in front of the plumb line respectively (if my posture was perfectly aligned with the plumb line my hips and shoulders would have been zero cm). My right shoulder was also below the left shoulder, right hip below my left hip, and I had a tilt in my spine. The results were worse than I had anticipated.

Daniel confidently pinpointed my desk job as the main contributing factor regarding my posture and movement problems and devised a plan to rectify the issues at home, from stretching to foam rolling and exercises to improve balance and strengthen weakened areas.

After only two weeks there was an improvement in my range of motion, my core was getting stronger and there was a visible difference in my physique which inspired me to keep going. Two months down the line I continued to improve in every area, Daniel added in more strength exercises including deadlifts, overhead squats and rows. Three months later the retest showed I had improved in every area, my posture was better and I was feeling great. Highly recommended.

The Kinetisense posture assessment is £30, the KAMS test is £65.

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Words: Paul Dickson

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